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Amazon River cruise in Peru: Close encounters

Anacondas to macaws, myths and fact, Kerry van der Jagt experiences the Amazon in river cruise luxury.

There are two surprising things about anacondas, apart from the fact that they can probably swallow a human whole...

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Ollantaytambo, Peru: Where hat stealing is a crime so scandalous

In the small Andean village of Ollantaytambo a crime has been committed.

A crime so scandalous, so abhorrent, every woman in town has gathered in the square to have her say. Huddled in two opposing camps, with much...

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Rumble in the jungle

Kerry van der Jagt heads to Argentina's Iguazu Falls and finds more than she expected.

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Secrets of the Sacred Valley of the Incas

"Meet my mother and father," says our guide Yashi, interpreting for the elderly Quechua woman who has invited us into her home.

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Antarctica cruise, Lindblad Expeditions review: Closer encounters

Once remote, Antarctica has become tantalisingly accessible, writes Kerry van der Jagt.

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Fragrance for the ages

Kerry van der Jagt joins the Queen of Sheba and Emperor Nero in succumbing to the lure of frankincense.

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