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Desert Dreaming

From the heart of Central Australia, gifted artists are continuing age-old traditions and creating spectacular works of art.

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A Sharks Tale

Lexus discovers how one determined condervation biologist, NASA technology and tourist snaps are helping save the world's biggest fish

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Temptation of the fresh

From rugged islands to lobster lairs and the best wildflowers in bloom, Western Australia's Coral Coast is sharing its secrets, writes Kerry van der Jagt.

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Antarctica cruise, Lindblad Expeditions review: Closer encounters

Once remote, Antarctica has become tantalisingly accessible, writes Kerry van der Jagt.

The pod of killer whales surface as one, dorsal fins rising and falling in a slow waltz, frigid breath glowing like gossamer in the early-morning sun...

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Amazon River cruise in Peru: Close encounters

Anacondas to macaws, myths and fact, Kerry van der Jagt experiences the Amazon in river cruise luxury.

There are two surprising things about anacondas, apart from the fact that they can probably swallow a human whole...

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Cruise through France's best wine regions: The ultimate French wine cruise

I'm in Alain Ducasse's Parisian restaurant Allard, in the heart of Saint-Germain-des-Pres, tucking into a plate of escargot and discussing the wine list with friends.

While one suggests a Louis Jadot from Beaune, I'm keen on a Chateauneuf-du-Pape...

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Ollantaytambo, Peru: Where hat stealing is a crime so scandalous

In the small Andean village of Ollantaytambo a crime has been committed.

A crime so scandalous, so abhorrent, every woman in town has gathered in the square to have her say. Huddled in two opposing camps, with much...

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The best way to see the world's most liveable city

It doesn't take long for me to learn what all good Austrian girls know by instinct – it pays to wear tight underpants.

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Meet the world's most terrifying clown

Our eyes meet across the darkened room. I smile, quietly pleased, that out of this room of strangers I've been singled out.

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when a river ran red

Unguarded moments of discovery bring the past back into the present, writes Kerry van der Jagt.

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