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Road trip to Hana on Maui, Hawaii

"If you don't choose beauty when it happens, you will miss out," cultural guide Mapuana Kalaniopio-Cook says, as she pauses to show us a small pond that has sprung up after the previous evening's thunderstorm.

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Larco Museum, Lima: 50 shades of clay at erotic museum

They say sex sells. But sometimes it just gets you into trouble, if the attendant following me is anything to go by.

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Underground gourmet

A "mystery dinner" is the entree to a foodie tour of Sydney's historic Macarthur, writes Kerry van der Jagt.

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Six of the best indigenous day tours


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Kerala's spicy ingredients cure more than just hunger

Drifting through the Kerala backwaters we slide through a blush of hyacinths, their pink petals clutching at our small boat like dainty fingers.

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River cruising through French wine country, Burgundy and Provence

I'm in Alain Ducasse's Parisian restaurant Allard, in the heart of Saint-Germain-des-Pres, tucking into a plate of escargot and discussing the wine list with friends.

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Urban walkabout

My day started with a Diprotodon's tooth, ended with a chargrilled kangaroo sirloin, and turned everything I thought I knew about Aboriginal culture on its head.

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Fragrance for the ages

Kerry van der Jagt joins the Queen of Sheba and Emperor Nero in succumbing to the lure of frankincense.

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Glitz-free sparkle

Kerry van der Jagt reveals the quiet side of Abu Dhabi and Dubai, not so far from the tourist haunts.

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